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The "All Mobile Beacon" is dedicated to the future of academic excellence...

Mobile has come a long way from the old days of segregated schools during the Birdie Mae Davis case in which black students were rendered to old school books and dilapidated schools to a new era of equal education for all, despite race, creed, or color. We therefore take this opportunity to say thanks to the stalwart leaders in the Mobile County Public School System...and their comments of progress of the largest public school system in the state of Alabama.

Mobile County Public School System Superintendent Chresal Threadgill and wife swearing in.

We are very grateful to Commissioner Merceria Ludgood's assistance in implementing the Bobby Buck's College Fund "International Puzzle Contests" that will benefit schools throughout the state.


The public is invited to send stories, comments, suggestions, and even criticism by e-mail to be featured on our website...we look forward to hearing from all.